Agent Spotlight

Each and every day, people from all walks of life, all ages, and different cultures discover InVida. In doing so, they’ve determined that living their lives on someone else’s terms simply is not their preferred way of living. Rather, they dream to live the life they want.

As InVida’s core motto, we encourage ALL of our agents, team leaders and new recruits to boldly embrace the Live the Life You Want concept. As you’ll see from the success stories below, many of them have taken bold steps to protect families in their communities. Take a look for yourself!


  Espy Vyizigiro

Espy and her family fled refugee camps in Tanzania to pursue a better life in America. Times have been hard but Espy continues to overcome every struggle she and her family have faced. She feels that finding InVida was a miracle and she knows that she will preservere with our company.

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 Manuel & Kimberly Ortuno

After serving in the united States Army, Manny & Kim were introduced to InVida in 2016. Their hard work teamed with InVida's unparalleled mentorship has enabled them to grow their team quickly, allowing Kim to now be a stay at home mom to their three beautiful daughters. They are truly living the life they desire.

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  Andrew Thompson

Andrew is currently a full time student and plays Division 1 soccer at Georgia State University. After being introduced to InVida, he quickly took advantage of the opportunity and was the #1 Top Personal Producer in 2017, earning his $100K income ring.

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