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In America today, there exists a massive gap in life insurance coverage. Sure, all of your friends, families and neighbors all rank ‘family protection’ high on their list

of daily priorities, we’ve found that nearly 58 million people1 say they need more life insurance while 30% of households in this country report having no life insurance at all.

That’s a huge disconnect, if you ask us!

Given this gap in coverage noted by millions of Americans2 – or complete lack thereof –
it is clear that an exciting opportunity exists for you – courtesy of InVida. Why?

The sales opportunity is there.

Consumers need what we offer.

Consumers need someone trustworthy to give them the focus they need to protect their families.

Consumers need someone to increase their awareness of what life insurance can do for them.

So, consider connecting with InVida to help families in your community while building an additional business opportunity for yourself!

Who is a good fit for InVida?

Interestingly, there are few organizations focused on our market space with our system and approach so we firmly believe the sky is the limit!

We offer part-time and full-time schedules. More importantly for you and your family, the InVida opportunity allows for unlimited dynamic growth.

We encourage you to join one of our calls or webcasts to get the full story. Here’s who InVida makes sense for:

Current InVida members on your team who want to learn the best way to present the InVida Opportunity during home visits.

Everyone who you want to know more about InVida and what it can do for them either personally or professionally – invite them all!

Everyone you know who can benefit by you helping them put the right protection in place for them and their families.

1 - LIMRA, Life Insurance Barometer, 2015
2 - Northwestern Mutual reported this in its annual “2015 Planning & Progress study,” an online survey of 2,010 U.S. adults conducted in January.