incentive trips

Rewarding Your Commitment

You can qualify for incentive trips and conventions throughout the year that allow you to celebrate
all you’ve accomplished with fellow professionals who you can teach and learn from to take your business to new levels.


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Qualification Period:  January 1, 2017  –  December 31, 2017

Double Qualifier  Sales Seminar Production $90,000

New Agents Contracted in 2017 Double Qualifier  Sales Seminar Production $60,000

Managers Must have five (5) direct producing agents + $250,000 in Group Production

*View all rules & regulations HERE





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NLG 2018 Incentive Trip

Qualification Period:  January 1, 2017  –  December 31, 2017
2018 COC Qualification Requirements for a Trip for Two

• Personal Producer: 100,000 of COC credits – minimum of six (6) qualifying policies

• BaseShop Managers: 1,000,000 of COC credits

 Personal Producers hired in 2017 or BaseShop Managers promoted in 2017

• Personal Producer: 66,000 of COC credits – minimum of five (5) qualifying policies

• BaseShop Managers: 660,000 of COC credits

*View all rules & regulations HERE



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Qualification Period:  January 1 through December 31, 2017
Producer Qualification

• 80,000 Simplified Issue Life production credits are required to qualify for the trip and a minimum of 20 issued policies

• Top 50 producers earn an invitation

*View all rules & regulations HERE