Live the Life You Want

Life is short. Live the life you want with InVida. We are 100% committed to this simple concept: Building a better future starts with helping people live the life they want – and deserve.

Protect Your Family

Life insurance can help you with every state of your life. Did you know that there is a single product that can help protect you and your family through every stage of your lives?

Be Your Own Success Story

We help insurance professionals move things to the next level. Take charge now and let InVida help you build something with sustainable value that focuses on protecting families in your community.

InVida Success Stories

Real People. Living the Life They Want.

Each and every day, people from all walks of life, all ages, and different backgrounds  discover InVida. In doing so, they’ve determined that living their lives on someone else’s terms simply is not their preferred way of living. Rather, they dream to live the life they want.

As InVida’s core motto, we encourage ALL of our agents, team leaders and new recruits to boldly embrace the Live the Life You Want concept. As you’ll see from the success stories below, many of them have taken bold steps to protect families in their communities. Take a look for yourself!

Donald & Ann Mayo

Donald Mayo

Donald is the son of a sharecropper from a small town in Pittsylvania County, VA in which he has 5 sisters and 1 brother. Formerly from the manufacturing and textile industry, he worked long, hard hours to support his family.

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Denny Faircloth

Denny can easily relate to the four key aspects of InVida’s business model – desire, dedication, willingness and integrity. Growing up in a lower middle class family, Denny never thought much about how his parents’ income could affect his opportunities for the future, until the discussion of college arose.
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Nanette Cuauhtli & Jose Dinsay

Nanette and Jose believe that they found the right opportunity at InVida Financial Network not only because of InVida’s 5 imperatives but also because of its leadership. They believe it is a place that provides vast opportunities to grow personally, financially, and to help families.
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